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A collection of my favorite photos

Face Paint


This picture was taken for another student's article about Halloween spirit in the quad. I'm glad I captured this moment because the face painter looked focused, and the subject of the image was apparent. In addition, the camera settings were perfect, and the clarity came out very nice.



I love this photo because it shows so much in one moment. You can obviously see the player shooting, the defender attempting to block the ball, and the goalie waiting to jump. In addition, you can see both focus and anticipation in the goalie's eyes. The story along with the clarity of the photo contributes to the appeal of the image.

Ready... Set... Fire!


This photo captures a great moment during the game. The aperature was great in capturing the goalie preparing for the shot without taking away from the subject. This game itself was hard as I had to navigate along the sidelines and around the players, making me miss some plays due to people in the way.

Money please.


Similar to many still shots, this photo took a while. I wanted to perfect the aperture on this shot, which took quite a bit of experimenting. I really like the amount of focus that this picture has, and how much the subject stands out against the blurred background.

Strikeout looking


I love this photo because of the face of the catcher when she caught the ball. I also think that the dust around the glove adds a great feel to the picture. I overall think that this picture is solid, as there wasn't much action, but the surroundings of the picture speak a lot.

Defying Gravity


This is a great example of learning the way a team plays in order to anticipate a play. I noticed the way the setter faced when she was going to pass to the outside hitter, which allowed me to angle the camera in the right direction. This photo turned out well, and the team ended up scoring off of this point.

Flippin' into finals


This picture was my most recent project. I sought to take a picture that experimented with aperature and focus on the subject, as well as challenging myself with the difficult lighting of a volleyball gym. Overall this picture was one of my favorite to take, as well as to edit.

Lone runner


Soccer photos (especially JV) are always a challenge. You are competing with the lighting on the field in order to attempt a good shot. Being able to sacrifice the noise quality of the picture to get a still shot is difficult, but makes for a good action shot. This photo also has a feel of loneliness for the player, as there is a dark backdrop and now teammates are close.

Unseen Troubles


I have had many difficulties when shooting sports games. One of the biggest hardships to overcome was the fence at this softball game. I was unaware that I was allowed on the field to get photos, so getting the camera to focus on the players and not the fence was a struggle. However, I was able to use manual focus in order to frame my subjects.

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